About p.v

Luke Pustejovsky, Principal

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, pustejovsky.ventures is a bespoke venture assistance & business development service for global cleantech & greentech entrepreneurs.  We help earlier stage private companies become bigger companies.

pustejovsky.ventures is not a VC fund or an investment bank. VC funds raise capital from limited partners, earn management fees on capital under management, and split profits with their lp’s.  Investment banks negotiate term sheets, structure placement memoranda and sell securities.

What we do:

  1. Help boards and technical founders translate the risk profile and unique-ness of their early stage innovations (here’s an example)
  2. Work with teams to develop sales, marketing and business development plans for new products in new markets
  3. Help execute Requests for Proposal, key partnerships & the first 20 customer deals–especially beta installations–for early stage companies
  4. Write and execute non-dilutive state and federal grants to demo that your stuff works
  5. Get financial models, business plans, executive summaries, and presentation decks “show ready”
  6. Help companies getting ready to raise capital identify, rate and build relationships with the best lead & follow-on investors for their particular strategies–from a wide range of VC’s, private equity funds, corporates, family offices, and purpose-driven investors

Current or previous clients include Wisp, iGlass Technologies, OneChargeBooxby, All Power Labs, SiqensRepsol, Cleantech Group, EnergyNEST, Innovation Norway, Environmental Building Strategies, Blue Planet, CarbonCure, Tellus Technologies, Watershed Materials and many others.

Things we know about:

  • Technology readiness levels
  • Manufacturing readiness levels
  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Intellectual property
  • Licensing
  • Team value
  • Capital availability and valuations.

We prefer the term ‘venture assistant’ to Valley-esque neologisms like ‘founder whisperer’ or ‘venture catalyst’.  Likewise, you will never hear the term ‘thought leader’ pass our lips.  We work alone and together with partners, as projects require.  Some partners include stok, Kainos, and Clark Street.

We’re curious about all sorts of cleantech and hardtech innovation:  smart home/IoT, high solar reflecting index materials, smart cities, smart concrete & thermal energy storage, carbon capture and mineralization, electrochromism, vertical-farming cleanrooms, myco-architecture, solar engines, etc.  We’re also interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing.  Luke Pustejovsky has spent over 10,000 hours practicing business development in Boston and Silicon Valley, experiencing both failure and success.

Let’s Talk.

If you’re a cleantech, hardtech or green building entrepreneur interested in a skilled Bay Area-based business development partner, use the Contact Us page to share what you’re up to or send an e-mail to luke at pustejovsky dot ventures.